More Cowbell!

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It’s my first blogging assignment on location for Artisan Auctions at the Crystal Ballroom. I’m covering Capitol Hill School’s annual auction. The theme is Rock It at the Crystal, so guests and bloggers are encouraged to wear Rocker clothes. I don’t know what those are. I don’t have any Joan Jett clothes and that was the first rock persona I could think of which tells you how old I am and how dorky.

Capitol Hill’s Auction Chairs Aimee and Krista took a highly unusual approach to opening the live auction but the risk was worth it. On a big screen, the emcees showed the now famous Will Farrell Saturday Night Livebit “More Cowbell”. Oh that’s funny, everyone loves Will Farrell, BUT the Capitol Hill auction crew took the joke one step further and supplied every guest with their own cowbell. If you need more Cowbell and you gotta have more Cowbell, get 200+ guests to ring their Cowbells!

Cowbell Audience

I have attended many auctions and even chaired a couple of Capitol Hill auctions, I have never seen a crowd so pumped up and ready to go! While the inclusion of a clip from Saturday Night Live is a departure from the ordinary, the gamble worked and the crowd was unified, excited and ready to spend money and that is exactly how you want to kick off the live auction. Nailed it!

Always remember, your benefit auction is meant to charge up your audience about your cause, raise money for your organization and to have FUN!

Kelly has been working with Capitol Hill for six years and with her input, advice and skill; Capitol Hill’s revenues have gone from $12,000 in 2006 to over $100,000 this year!


Contributed by Maggie O’Connor

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