Putting Your Best Food Forward

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“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art” — Dione Lucas

Hiring your event’s caterer is a fun and creative part of event planning. If you’re a foodie, you’ll enjoy reviewing all the menus, tying the food into the event theme, and talking canapés and endive with different caterers. Don’t talk turkey with your caterer; you don’t want to put people to sleep!

The price of the caterer may be the largest single factor in setting event ticket prices. Pricing for the food is usually set per person, whether it is passed appetizers, a buffet, or a plated dinner; thus it follows that ticket pricing helps to cover the cost of feeding your guests. Catering refers to the food for the event but may also include: servers, beverages, corkage, linens, and other tabletop rentals. Be sure that everything you expect to be with the caterer the night of the event is itemized in your contract with them.

Many venues have lists of “approved” caterers to help you in your decision-making. Keep in mind approved caterers will be more familiar with the kitchen and staging areas of particular venues.

A few of our favorite caterers in the Portland area include (in no particular order):

When planning event logistics, keep in mind, you do NOT want wait staff on the floor during the special appeal. Get dinner served, wine poured and staff out of the way before the paddle raise. Serve dessert after the appeal which is beneficial in two ways: it keeps people in their seats and if you go for a chocolate dessert, that chocolate buzz will keep them excited about the second half of the auction bidding!


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