What’s the single most important purchase for a benefit auction? SOUND!

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I bet you thought I was going to say THE AUCTIONEER!  Well, while it is great to have a Professional Benefit Auctioneer, it is equally important to have a EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY SOUND SYSTEM.  If your bidders cannot hear your auctioneer, they will not bid.  If you have everything in place for your auction, the best benefit auctioneer, excellent venue, great items, the most generous donors and it’s all perfect…PLEASE have a Professional Sound Company working with you so everyone can hear your speakers and auctioneer clearly at your event.

If your sound system looks like a can with a string, your bidders won’t be able to understand anything and that spells disaster. One of the most common reasons a bidder will not bid at an auction is because they cannot hear what is going on.  If your sound is lacking, this can cause your bidders to disengage. And we know if the bidder is disengaged, they do not spend money, they talk and get loud.  A quality sound system will make you money!
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One of our favorite sound guys in Portland: Joe with State of Sound

Every auctions first purchase should be a professional quality sound system.  The greatest part about working with a sound company is that they will provide a technician that can be on-site for your entire event.  The technician is there to support your event and ensure that it is a smooth success.  If you provide them with an accurate script, they can manage all sound cues for you, especially if you want to add the dimension of sound with an auction package.  They can also handle any situations that may arise in your venue regarding the sound.  They have one job: to make sure the bidders can hear and everything is running smoothly.  They will also take great care of all your participants on stage.

What should you ask for when you speak to a professional sound company?  You want to be sure they provide an on-site technician, as well as all that is necessary for an evenly balanced sound system in your venue.  They will bring a mixing board, speakers, stands, cable, microphones, etc.

You need to be very clear about what elements you will be including in your auction.  Do you have a video that will be shown at your event?  Does it have music playing?  There is a “special cable” to connect your laptop to the sound system so it can be heard.  Putting a microphone on your laptop speaker can cause that very memorable “feedback noise” that can be piercing and hard on the ears.  Is there a band that will be playing during your event?  What do they need to perform at their best?  Many bands will offer their sound system to be utilized for the auction.  This is a generous gesture, but you should always have a sound professional make sure you will have adequate coverage with what they are providing. One last area of consideration is your silent auction.  You will need to make announcements in this space as well, so you may need additional sound in a separate area of the venue.

The long and the short of it IS: Quality Sound Systems will make you MORE MONEY!!! Invest in one and take that one worry off your list.

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