The Golden Ticket Raffle

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I never dreamed that I would climb over the moon in ecstasy,
But nevertheless it’s there that I’m shortly about to be
Cause I’ve got a golden ticket.
Cause I’ve got a golden ticket.
I’ve got a golden chance to make my way
And with a golden ticket it’s a golden day.

~Lyrics by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The Golden Ticket Raffle is an excellent way to get guests engaged in giving at events. The element of chance will appeal to the ‘gamblers’ in your room to pique their interest while providing you with another revenue stream to gross you as much as possible with very little effort or expense.

In the state of Oregon, Golden Tickets are typically sold after registering during the cocktail hour before your live program.  Ideally, you will sell 100 tickets at $100 each to max out your raffle earnings for the year at $10,000!  Make the $100 cost worth their investment by allowing the winner to choose ANY live auction item. You may exclude certain items if their value exceeds gross earnings.

Ticket salespeople will make or break this revenue stream so assign this task wisely. Select folks who are outgoing, friendly, charming and unafraid to approach people with their sales pitch! Be certain that they have all the details they’ll need to effectively sell the prize (a detailed list of choices coupled with photos of each option taped to the clipboard will help with their success).

Use the 1:75 ratio of one volunteer per 75 attendees to sell raffle tickets. Sales people sell tickets by collecting information on tracking sheets. Simply record the name of the guest and their bidder number on the tracking sheet and record their bid number on the ticket placed into the drawing bowl. If more than one ticket is sold to the same person, record every ticket sale on a separate line and a separate ticket.  After collecting the guest’s information, put the ticket in the ticket bowl.

Once the cocktail hour is over/silent auction closed, bring all sales tracking sheets to the registration table where sales can be tracked by your check-out team.

Bring the raffle bowl and any remaining (unsold) tickets to the Auction Clerk’s table near the stage so the Auctioneer can sell out the raffle from the stage.  Be sure to give the Clerk an accurate count of how many tickets remain. 

At the top of the live program, the Auctioneer will facilitate additional sales, the drawing and will announce the winning bidder number.  The winner will be invited to the stage, introduced to the crowd and must choose their prize immediately so you know which item to remove from the live auction sale.

Materials Needed for your Golden Ticket Success

  • Several brightly colored helium balloons. Tie them to sales clipboards so raffle seller are highly visible from a distance in the crowd and you can always locate your clipboards if they are set down.
  • 1 Clipboard, with a balloon, per volunteer with tracking sheets (two columns: name & bidder number)
  • Volunteer instruction sheet taped to the back of the clipboard with the following information: how the raffle works, ticket cost, total tickets for sale, prize description and/or photo of the prize(s).
  • Pens
  • Traditional Raffle Tickets
  • Wide mouth Raffle Bowl (should easily accommodate an adult’s hand for drawing winner)

Check the raffle licensing laws for your state before you include a raffle in your auction.  In the state of Oregon, you may raise up to $10,000 in a calendar year without a raffle license.  Raffles that bring in more than the $10,000 limit require raffle license compliance prior to the sale of any raffle tickets.

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