Providing a SAFE RIDE HOME

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You have planned for months or even a year to have the best event.  It goes off without a hitch.  You have taken it over the top, breaking records from years prior.  Your guest have had a great time, spent big money, and partied hard.  It’s time to head home.  Do you send them home in their own vehicle?  Is there a better option? I say “YES!” They need a SAFE RIDE HOME!

This take a little pre-planning to bring it to life, but is well worth the safety of everyone attending your event. Many cities have access to Uber or Lyft. Why not enlist them to make sure your guests arrive home safely? Better yet, let someone sponsor the opportunity to get everyone home.

How to implement SAFE RIDE HOME

  • Find a sponsor for SAFE RIDE HOME
  • Open a corporate account under the sponsors name
  • Create a code for your auction attendees to utilize
  • Set hours for when the code is activated around when your auction will end
  • Promote the idea to attendees so they may Uber or Lyft to the event


It’s that easy.

The Benefits:

  • Safe Rides for all guests,
  • Sponsorship opportunity for you to make available,
  • Promotion of a great Sponsor at your event,
  • And whether 2 people or 200 people participate, you can rest assured you made a safe ride available.

Now, run out and get a sponsor for the Safe Ride Home.  Then, let all your attendees know about the program.  Provide information on facebook, email, ANYWHERE you can reach them.  Lastly, make a card for their reference at the event included in the check-in material.

Let’s make sure every fundraiser considers safety of all guests as the first priority.  SAFETY FIRST!

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