Oregon Episcopal School raises $520,000

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And the Oscar goes to….

Oregon Episcopal Schools raising a near-record breaking $520,000 in March 2016.

How did they do it?  They had a cast that couldn’t be beat. Co-chairs that are a force of an auction team coupled them with a creative committee and a theme that their attendees could not resist.

“Aardy goes to Hollywood” was a night to remember!

One of my favorite fun infusions from this event was the Student Paparazzi.  It was so fun to turn around from the check-in table to walk the red carpet with all of the students snapping multiple photos of you as you made your way to the silent auction.  It was a true Hollywood experience.

Additional Benefits for the Student Paparazzi

  1. It put the students in front of the guests.
  2. Students received in-class credit for their participation.
  3. The students made their photos available to the guests.  More photos to showcase the great night.

Adding a little fun to the night kept the audience engaged and also showcased the school.  It’s clear the Oscar goes to Oregon Episcopal School!

Auctioneer Kelly Russell poses with the Oscar Statue.

Auctioneer Kelly Russell poses with the Oscar Statue.


To learn more about OES and their glamorous night, find their write up in the Portland Society Pages.

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