Add “POP” to your event: The Upscale Balloon Pop

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Want to take your revenue to the next level? Let’s customize the balloon pop to make it more attractive to our high end events.

It’s time for vacation roulette.

Here is how it works:

Obtain 10 great weekend trips, each with a value of $400-$600. Put a corresponding tag for the locations, one in each balloon. Now charge $500 to pop a balloon. You have a limited number of balloons but with the higher value you can make $5,000 for your non-profit without having to coordinate small prizes for 40 balloons.

Upscale Balloon Pop Checklist:

  • 1 poster board, numbered with 10-12 weekend getaways valued between $400 – $600
  • 10-12 balloons, each with a number corresponding to a getaway on your poster board
  • 1 outgoing volunteer
  • 1-2 straight pins for popping balloons

Garner greater results with less work. This will sell out fast and that is great for your night as it encourages bidders to participate in other activities before their opportunities pass them by.

Make it even bigger:

Remember, you can scale the vacation packages up, as well as the price to play. Think one week vacation packages valued between $4,000 and $6,000 and sell each balloon for $5,000.  The best part, your bidders are guaranteed a fabulous vacation all in support of your organization.

Kelly Russell
Kelly Russell is the face and force behind Artisan Auctions. She brings 10 years as a certified professional auctioneer and positive energy to every room she works. A firm believer in good process and communication equates excellent outcome, she provides attention to detail and consultation from start to finish. Her team of experts rely on her keen direction, knowing that in the end, the work we do makes the world a better place thanks to the non-profit organizations we work for. Kelly works from a base of fundraising event experience, crafting auctions to meet and exceed client goals, and she has a great time doing it.
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