A video before your appeal is a smart idea. Here’s why.

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Many times I recommend that an organization produce a short 3 minute video with the Special Appeal speaker telling their story.  This is commonly followed by, “Why should we have a video for our appeal, why not just have the speaker get on stage and speak?”  Good question.  That is one way it can be done, but take into consideration these ideas.

  1. A video is contained to 3 minutes and will not run long or go on a tangent.
  2. If there is a language barrier, you can used captioning to make sure everyone will understand your speaker and the message is clear.
  3. If there is a mobility concern, this can offer some extra time for your pitch person to make it to the stage to present their ASK.
  4. The speaker is not comfortable in front of a large crowd. They can get very nervous. It may be possible that your speaker will be more comfortable in front of a camera to share their story.  You must ask them their preference.
  5. You will be able to use this story in perpetuity to showcase how you have made an impact on one person’s life – not only to the guests who attend your event, but to anyone who visits your website after the event. Eventually, you will have a library of great stories to showcase on your website allowing people to connect to people and understand why your program is so vitally important and how it has been important over the years you have been operating.
  6. Making a short video really helps to get your audience’s attention.  It is a known custom for people to stop talking when the lights dim and a video starts.  It’s important to get your guests focused so when your speaker hits the stage to share their message, they get the polite attention they deserve.


A video is a smart idea.

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