Balloon POP – Traditional

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If you are looking for a revenue enhancer that turns heads, then the traditional balloon pop is your game.  It is a lot of fun and garners attention because of the loud “pop” heard in the room followed by the big cheer of a bidder winning a fabulous prize.

Balloon Pop Checklist

  • 30-40 balloons with the corresponding number of prizes
  • 1 outgoing volunteer
  • 1-2 straight pins for popping balloons

How Traditional Balloon Pop Works:

Set your volunteer up with a table or balloon pop area complete with 30 or 40 balloons available for purchase at $25 each. The bidder walks up, gives their bidder number and selects their balloon. Use the straight pin to pop the balloon, and win a prize with a value of $25 or more.  It’s that easy, and EVERYONE WINS!


Each balloon should have a small piece of paper inside that states the bidders prize (i.e. Magnum of wine, Higgins gift certificate or $25 Starbucks gift card). Be clear with your descriptions so your volunteer knows exactly what to award your bidders.

Prizes typically consist of gift certificates to local restaurants, wine packages, coffee gift cards or gift cards to local shops. If you want to add some flair, you can include jewelry and other items displayed on your table.  You will want to make sure that your prizes reflect the purchase price.

Variations on the Balloon Pop:

You can set a variety of price point levels. $10 balloons, $20 balloons, $30 balloons and each one has the opportunity to win a grand prize outside the value of the level. The $10 balloon may have a $50 grand prize, the $20 – a $100 prize and the $30 – a $150 prize.  Have fun with the balloon pop and depending on the value of your prizes adjust the price to maximize your fundraising!

Add more “POP” by taking the Balloon Pop UPSCALE!

A great bonus to the balloon pop as a revenue enhancer is that you know exactly how much money you can raise for the night.

40 Balloons at $25 guarantees you $1,000 in revenue.  Now go, sell out all your balloons!

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