Benefit Event Consulting

Artisan Auctions believes in being a true partner with your cause. That’s why we don’t just send over an auctioneer on the day of your event–we work closely with clients all along the way and up to the big event.

Our process includes:

  • Planning to determine event goals, donor messaging, item procurement and event logistics;
  • Workplan development to ensure we work as team throughout the process;
  • Coordination with partner event consultants and vendors;
  • Recommendations for maximizing success, including how to build anticipation or craft an effective special appeal;
  • Skilled and charismatic auctioneer on-site, working before, during and after the auction portion to engage your team and participants;
  • Follow up and event evaluation to capture highlights, learnings and impact of our work together.

Let Artisan Auctions take your event to record-breaking heights.